Sagrada Família. Behind the scaffolding

Sagrada Família. Behind the scaffolding

Carme Escales

Col·lecció: Reportajes 360º
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ISBN: 9788491165460
Publicació: 07/2016
Idioma: Anglès
Format: Rústica
Nombre de pàgines: 142
Mida: 14.0 x 21.0 cm
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Lliurament: 10 dies laborables

ISBN: 9788491163220
Publicació: 11/2016
Idioma: Català
Format: EPUB
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ISBN: 9788491164463
Publicació: 07/2016
Idioma: Anglès
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The Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s most-visited monument. Every year, over three million people walk within it. They are the anonymous patrons of the Basilica, whomake the work of some one hundred professionals possible, architects, building contractors, carpenters, stonemasons, model makers, sculptors, blacksmiths, for whom the Basilica is their also a place of work. Sagrada Familia. Behind the scaffolding gives a voice to these workers who carry out their day of work surrounded by tourists, parishioners, architecture students or mere admirers of the most famous work of Antoni Gaudí. It is hoped that the current momentum should be maintained until the end of 2026, date at which the construction will be completed, coinciding with  the centenary of the passing  of its creator.

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